Press coated tablet (tab-in-tab)


Customisable oral chronotherapy


Geoclock® (press coated tablet or tab-in-tab technology) allows for timed release of drugs that is independent of food or pH.

Geoclock® is a validated oral drug delivery technology that can be used to release the drug from the tablet after a pre-determined lag-time that is independent of food or pH. Geoclock® can additionally be used for multiple-pulse delivery of one or more drugs with pre-determined time intervals between the pulses, or to target colonic release of drugs. Where more than one drug is included, the delivery profile can be different for each active pharmaceutical ingredient. Geoclock® is easily manufactured using conventional production equipment, minimising the need for capital investment.

Skyepharma - Controlled release technology Geoclock®- press coated tablet

How Geoclock® works ?

Geoclock® is a dry-coated tablet with an active drug core inside an outer tablet layer comprising a mixture of hydrophobic wax and brittle material. This configuration generates a pH-independent lag-time prior to the release of the active drug. After the pre-defined and configurable lag-time the inner tablet releases the active drug either as a burst or with a controlled release pattern.

The controlled release characteristics of the inner core can be modified to achieve the desired profile.

Benefits of Geoclock®

Geoclock® can be used to create chronotherapy-focused drug delivery that is independent of the location in the GI tract, pH or food. Examples of the application of Geoclock® include:

  • A burst release after a long lag-time or a slow release rate after a short lag-time
  • Drug delivery specifically at the colonic level, which is valuable for drugs targeted for colonic absorption
  • Multiple pulse release e.g. to mimic multiple daily dosing of conventional formulations

Geoclock® is a validated technology that has been incorporated into products that are approved and on the market in the US and Europe. Tablets can be manufactured using standard tableting equipment, minimizing the need for additional capital investment.

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