Supply Chain

Integrated Supply Chain Services


Skyepharma provides integrated supply chain services, from the purchase of APIs and excipients to manufacturing, packaging, warehousing and shipping to delivery locations all around the world.

Throughout the process of development and supply of products, Skyepharma offers experienced professional project planning, project management, production and distribution scheduling, adapted to the needs of each partner.

The Planning Department optimizes and manages the flow of activities. It communicates with customer service to ensure the shortest possible time to answer customer requests.

Skyepharma warehouse
Skyepharma warehouse
  • Logistics and supply chain management handled by dedicated teams of experts
  • Single point of contact through a committed project manager
  • Fast evaluation process in terms of industrial execution
  • Strong Operational Excellence Program
  • Extensive experience in contract development and manufacturing activities for third parties
  • Location and material status computerized
  • Compliant with USP requirement with our controlled and monitored warehouse
  • 4’320 pallet spaces in cGMP, controlled and monitored warehouse

Skyepharma uses the software SAGE X3, a full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, to boost its ability to deliver highly complex projects.

It can integrate all facets of an operation, including product planning, development and manufacturing within a single database, application and user interface while securing data to latest standards.

This system is an integral component of an overall project to building a Pharma 4.0 ready CDMO that also encompasses In Process Control (IPC) reduction, Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Data Integrity security standards.

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