We recently acquired new laboratory equipment for automated bacteria and yeasts identification and for pore size analyser.

Laboratory equipemnt 1 : BET Analyzer

Skyepharma’s Analytical Development department recently acquired a BET Analyzer, used for Surface area and Pore Size Analysis. With this new tool, Skyepharma’s dedicated Analytical team is able to study the porous structure of raw materials which impacts the final product properties, such as the dissolution profile, shelf life and bioavailability.

This new equipment characterizes substances for several applications all supporting quality assurance and helping to guarantee process repeatability and API conformity.

bet equipment
VITEK equipment

Laboratory equipemnt 2 : Vitek®

Skyepharma also acquired a Vitek®, for fully automated bacterial identification. This equipment enhances Skyepharma’s technical expertise for environmental bacterial and yeast identifications in a quick and reliable manner.

David LESCUYER – EVP Oral Business / Vectura Group of Companies – President of SKYEPHARMA PRODUCTION SAS:

“With these new investments made on our site, we are now able to offer a wider range of CDMO services, with state-of-the-art equipment supporting our laboratories’ capabilities. Skyepharma wish to offer more than Best-in-Class CDMO services, our ambition is to become the “To Go” partner for complex development and manufacturing of oral solid dosage forms.”

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