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Skyepharma is a key player in the field of development, commercial manufacturing and packaging of complex oral solid dosage forms.

We have a reputation for being a reliable partner with tailored capabilities for pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals & food supplement development and manufacturing. We help our clients from the early development stage to the commercial manufacturing and packaging. Our agility and flexibility is key for the nutraceuticals & food supplement sector delivering accelerated times to market.

Frédéric Checot, head of development at Skyepharma Production SAS, says: “Our multilayer & tab-in-tab technologies are well adapted for the nutraceuticals & food supplement market. Our technologies, state-of-the art equipment and strong development skills form part of our key expertise allowing for fast prototyping and ensuring expedited time to market for our clients.”

meet skyepharma at vitafoods

Meet us at Vitafoods!

Contact Henri Joubin, our Commercial Director to discuss on your project during the event.

Pre-arrange a meeting at / +33 4 74 95 21 28 / +33 6 66 33 73 14

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