Serialization and Aggregation

Serialization and Aggregation

Security and Integrity

Skyepharma packaging lines for bottles and blisters are both fully equipped for serialization and aggregation. Carton packages are marked with a 2D datamatrix to identify them individually, in accordance with the serialization standards required in the United States, European, Russian and Saudi Arabian markets. With the aggregation solution, the numbered cartons are linked to the case and finally to the pallets.

Our Marchesini Packaging lines are connected to our Seavision site server which manages the serialization and aggregation data. And to connect quickly to our new customers, we use our multi-user platform (TraceLink)

Serialization and aggregation are a key to the security and integrity of our data and prevents any recovery for fraudulent use.

Our Management System

Skyepharma - Serialization management system
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