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Pilot Unit

Pilot Unit


Optimisation of Complex Formulation


Our technical team has considerable experience in the optimisation of complex formulations in order to ensure that the critical process parameters are properly understood and controlled, and that the processes are cost-effective and robust at multiple scales for  seamless transfer to production.

Process Development and Scale Up


Our pilot plant ensures the delivery of cGMP and non cGMP prototypes. We offer process development and optimisation, scale-up, trouble shooting resolution, all being supported by a Quality by Design approach.

  • Small scale production
  • Small API needs
  • High quality prototyping
  • Rapid screening of formulation options
  • Early characterisation of powders
  • Anticipation of potential up scaling issues
  • Closer to industrial settings (e.g. tooling)
  • Quality by Design support
  • cGMP production at all development scales

Our pilot plant benefits from a modern equipment, totally independent from the production are, capable to deliver cGMP & non-cGMP prototypes.

All process equipment for oral technologies available at 1/10th of industrial scale, including an industrial tablet press : Sviac for triple layer tablets

Aeromatic Fielder PMA 25/65

Aeromatic T/SG2 B5-F4

Quadro Comil 197S

Frewitt MG 205

Bohle bin blender



Glatt GC 500/750