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Why Skyepharma could be the right partner ?

Skyepharma is a leader in drug development and delivery of oral technologies serving the global pharmaceutical, biotech, and consumer health industries.

Our controlled-release technologies and oral solids capability offer :

■ Formulation
■ Development
■ Manufacturing services for oral solid tablets, as well as powders, pellets, beads, and granules

As per our R&D experience and our industrial capabilities, we know what it takes to bring successful therapies to market, and we are excited to bring this expertise to our customers.



20 years of experience in complex oral forms

Skyepharma has many years of experience in working with their partners in the development and manufacturing of complex oral dosage forms, as part of a planned Life Cycle Management strategy. The outcome is 10 different oral products currently marketed by multinational pharmaceutical companies in numerous countries worldwide.

Our highly experienced team of specialists can work with you to optimise your target product profile and your drug development program from early formulation development, scale-up and manufacturing to regulatory support, and to reduce your time to market.


High industrial flexibility

  • Specialized in Oral technologies : Manufacturing single, multi-layer tablets and dry-coated tablets.
  • Highly flexible industrial settings
  • Fast evaluation process in terms of industrial execution
  • Extensive experience in contract development and manufacturing activities for third parties
  • Deep and proven R&D background with owned Intellectual Property in Oral Solid Dosage Form Technologies
  • Our own patented technologies : Geomatrix®, Geoclock®, Soctec®
  • Strong Operational Excellence program
  • Qualified and highly skilled team used to work with international quality standards

Maximizing our partnership value

We maximise mutual companies growth opportunities and optimise our value through the creation of alliance teams ensuring the right understanding of customer key objectives and strategy :

  • Established a new approach with customers as a CDMO
  • Expanded Executive input aligned with client strategy from R&D projects to manufacturing and packaging
  • Positioned as a Solution Provider and technical partner
  • Focused on time-to-market
  • Aligned with state-of-art regulatory standards
  • Improved organizational alignment with customer business vision