Customer Experience

Skyepharma a strategic partner for accelerated time to market

Today’s pharmaceutical obligations in terms of quality and capabilities are decisive for industry players. Skyepharma responds to these necessities by coming up with a wide range of services in line with market’s requirements. Our premium positioning on the pharmaceutical marketplace comes from our development and production processes expertise.

Respect, teamwork, and transparency are core values of the company. The factory and development workshops are built and staffed focusing on partners’ needs. Trust and transparency are the very heart of the relationship build with them.

Skyepharma’s customer service department is focused on better anticipating our clients’ needs


Clients want to be heard, to be able to ask for advice, to share ideas ; and they are seeking a long-term partner to reflect with them on their projects.

We have quickly been able to build strong partnerships and extensive collaborations with existing clients and many new clients as well. We are able to provide seamless and adapted solutions as our clients’ projects grow and their needs evolve.

Our 6 Commitments to Customer Experience

Our customers have a service that is entirely dedicated to them. All requests are processed more quickly as the internal flow of information is more fluid. We respond systematically and appropriately.

We are committed to increase the daily operational excellence on the ground to reduce the number of errors in batch records and respect our engagements in terms of delivery time.

OTD: 2017 = 100% and 2018 = 98% of commercial lots delivered on time.
RFT: 2017 = 83% and 2018 = 90% of batches produced without errors the first time.

Reducing lead time for our partners is a commitment that is very important to us. We regularly study the lead times of each of our services in order to optimize them as much as possible. This has a direct impact on the global lead time and our performance.

Active listening and constructive exchanges between our clients and customer service help us better understand them, their needs and priorities. This knowledge allows us to better anticipate their requests and thus propose alternatives in line with their expectations

A good customer experience is key to the successful running of projects. Their satisfaction is at the heart of our piorities. That’s why we encourage our partners to give us feedback to help us improve further. To this end, we regularly contact them to gather their opinions and with the goal of continuous improvement to optimize customer experience and satisfaction.

A relationship is created and nurtured over time. We are committed to creating a climate of trust, exchange and transparency with our partners. This is how we operate internally in our teams. We want the same dynamic with our customers. We are a single team, the customer and Skyepharma, together for the realization of the project. We work together with a win-win approach, where everyone benefits.

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