Controlled release technologies

Controlled release expertise

Oral Drug Delivery Technologies


Skyepharma controlled release expertise is the result of years as a leader in drug development and oral drug delivery technologies serving the global pharmaceutical industry. Since it was founded, Skyepharma has had a strong focus on oral drug delivery, solving the many challenges of delivering the right dose of a drug to the right part of the gastrointestinal system for absorption at the right time and at the appropriate rate to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.

Oral Patented Technologies


Three patented pharmaceutical technologies: Geomatrix®, Geoclock®, and Soctec®. These platforms allow us to build controlled release formulations to adapt to patient dosing schedules or adjust API intake. These proprietary technologies allow us to better manage side effects


Gastro retentive capsule for drug local extended release in the stomach.


Multi-layer tablet for drug extended release.


Press-coated tablet (tab-in-tab) for drug delayed release.

Pharma-like, Innovative food supplement


At Skyepharma, we also support our customers in the development of innovative food supplements in solid forms to stand out in a market in qualitative evolution.

We help customers looking for differentiated, more efficient and innovative food supplements using our Geomatrix® (extended releases), Geoclock® (delayed releases) and Soctec® (gastro retention) technologies that allow a customized design according to the desired release profile.

Our development teams provide formulations adapted to our customers’ needs, and our dedicated industrial food supplement equipment offers a wide range of solutions and significant production capacities in full service.

  • From early stage development to commercial manufacturing and packaging
  • Use of Styl’One compression simulator equipment for the manufacturing of first prototypes with few raw materials
  • Analytical support during the development phase
  • Quantification of vitamins in complex formulas
  • Validation of storage conditions and shelf life (various ICH conditions)
  • Anticipation and compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Upstream advices on the composition of formulas
  • Preparation of dossiers
  • Dossier submission to the competent authorities
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