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Oral Drug Delivery Technologies

Skyepharma is a leader in drug development and delivery of oral technologies serving the global pharmaceutical industry. Since it was founded, Skyepharma has had a strong focus on oral drug delivery, solving the many challenges of delivering the right dose of a drug to the right part of the gastrointestinal system for absorption at the right time and at the appropriate rate to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.

Our industrial capabilities and our experience will bring to our customer the success access to speed up to the market.

Our controlled-release technologies and oral solids capability offer:



Manufacturing services for oral solid tablets, as well as powders, pellets, beads and granules

As per our R&D experience, we know what it takes to bring successful therapies to market, and we are excited to bring this expertise to our customers.

Follow the links below for further details on each of our technologies and how they can be applied to tackle particular challenges. However, each drug presents its own challenges so please contact us for an informal discussion on how we might be able to help you by combining our formulation and development capabilities together with our wide range of technologies.

“The patented technologies are owned by Jagotec AG an affiliate of Skyepharma Production SAS and a wholly owned member of the Vectura Group. “.


Geomatrix® provides a customisable drug delivery platform for controlled release versions of orally available molecules by using a multi-layered tablet that combines two key features.


Geoclock® is a validated oral drug delivery technology that can be used to release the drug from the tablet after a pre-determined lag-time that is independent of food or pH.


Soctec is a versatile extended release gastro-retentive platform technology that has been designed to overcome many of the limitations of alternative systems.

Bioavailability Enhancers

Skyepharma has a range of oral drug bioavailability enhancers that use proprietary technologies that act by improving solubility, an essential factor for drug effectiveness, independent of administration route.

Medicated Chewing-gum

Skyepharma’s medicated chewing gum is suitable for either local delivery of drugs through the buccal mucosa or for use where systemic delivery can be improved by the active drug being solubilised in saliva prior to swallowing.