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  • Skyepharma invests in state-of-the-art equipment in laboratories capabilities

    12 avril 2018 – Skyepharma’s Analytical Development department recently acquired a BET Analyzer, used for Surface area and Pore Size Analysis. With this new tool, Skyepharma’s dedicated Analytical team is able to study the porous structure of raw materials which impacts the final product properties, such as the dissolution profile, shelf life and bioavailability. This new equipment characterizes...
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  • SKYEPHARMA improves time to market

    28 février 2018 –   David LESCUYER – EVP Oral Business, Vectura Group of Companies – President of SKYEPHARMA PRODUCTION SAS: “With over 20 years of experience in complex oral solid dosage forms, we help our customers on reformulation, Life Cycle Management, trouble shooting, scale up and technical transfer of their products. Our state of the...
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    7 février 2018 –   4.1 million Investment results in upgrade to SKYEPHARMA Development & Manufacturing site in Lyon. Acquisition of a new Marchesini bottling line will improve capacity and capabilies from March 2018. David LESCUYER – EVP Vectura Group of Companies – President of SKYEPHARMA PRODUCTION SAS: “With all the investments made on our site,...
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