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Medicated chewing-gum

Medicated Chewing-gum

Local Delivery for Poorly Soluble Drug


Skyepharma’s medicated chewing gum is suitable for either local delivery of drugs through the buccal mucosa or for use where systemic delivery can be improved by the active drug being solubilised in saliva prior to swallowing.

How Medicated Chewing Gum Works

Skyepharma’s proprietary medicated chewing gum technology uses an approach similar to multilayer tableting. A combination of layers modulates the release rate of the active ingredients and flavouring agents when the gum is chewed.

Benefits of Medicated Chewing Gum Technology

Skyepharma’s medicated chewing gum is patient-friendly and offers a convenient and discreet drug delivery solution. It is especially suitable for:

  • Delivery of drugs that are metabolised by the gut wall or the liver, so avoiding the first pass effect whereby drugs are metabolised prior to entering the systemic circulation. This allows more rapid delivery and better bioavailability of the drug and therefore the use of lower doses.
  • Bioavailability enhancement for poorly soluble drugs by facilitating their solubilisation in saliva before swallowing
  • Local buccal treatment by prolonging contact between the drug and the highly vascularised oral mucosa