HSE Commitment

The future is bright when safety is right


We are committed to:

  • Being role models and applying all site safety rules
  • Ensuring that HSE rules are respected and displayed in our SOPs
  • Implementing a safety management system which allows continuous improvement

Skyepharma is committed to applying and ensuring compliance with safety rules throughout the facility: administrative offices, production plant and outside the premises.

One staff member per department has the role of “HSE relay-agent”. He ensures that safety rules are properly applied and transmits HSE messages to all members of his department.

Employees are trained and educated on safety as soon as they arrive at Skyepharma. They follow a mandatory training course of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The same applies to external companies that come to work on the site. The HSE department manages co-activity by raising awareness of our safety rules among external operators. A member of the HSE team visits the intervention sites on a daily basis to ensure that the rules are properly respected and to identify additional needs.

Skyepharma Manufacturing - In process Control (IPC)
Skyepharma liquid nitrogen handling


  • Well-being at work
  • 20% of employees are First aiders (SST)


  • Focused attention zero accident policy
  • Anticipation and prevention of risk situations
  • Compliance with safety rules and their application on the work place (EPI)
  • Product evaluation before integration on site


  • Suppliers selection
  • Energy savings
  • Waste sorting policy
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