More than 20 years of experience in complex oral forms

Through many years of involvement and achievements in the pharmaceutical industry, Skyepharma’s development and manufacturing facility is a leader in the field of classic and complex oral solid dosage forms.


Jacques Gonnella creates JAGO AG, a small Swiss private company specialized in development.

JAGO acquires the Geomatrix® patent from the University of Pavia, allowing the creation of its drug delivery business.


Ian Gowrie-Smith, founder of Medeva, creates SkyePharma plc as a virtual entity. Skyepharma then acquires JAGO AG, operating under that name before rebranding as Skyepharma AG two years later.

Skyepharma acquires its Saint-Quentin-Fallavier production site from Wyeth*. Skyepharma has subsequently invested in the site to adapt it to the production of modified-release tablets, particularly those using the patented Geomatrix® technology.


Skyepharma obtains FDA certification with the manufacturing of tablets using Geomatrix® technology for a US generic. In this period of time, Skyepharma also developed an mdDPI Foradil (formoterol) for Novartis that had been approved in more than 30 countries including the USA. The Saint-Quentin-Fallavier site ensured the filling of DPI until the product was withdrawn from the market.

Skyepharma develops its business by acquiring several companies:
– The American company Depotech (San Diego), specialized in the development of sustained-release injectables, which became “Skyepharma Inc”.
– Bioglan Pharma (DK) and Hyal Pharmaceutical (Canada) Corporation, both specialized in topical products. Hyal originated Solaraze.
– The Montreal-based RTP pharma company that was the origin of Triglide.


Skyepharma sells Skyepharma Inc (formerly Depotech), Bioglan, and closes Skyepharma Canada (formerly RTP) to focus on its historical activities: oral and inhalation. (Skyepharma Inc is now PACIRA).

The Saint-Quentin-Fallavier site is under a management lease agreement with the German CMO Aenova.
The owner being Skyepharma plc and the tenant Aenova. The activity is carried out under the name Aenova.


Following the 5-year lease management by Aenova, SkyePharma PLC merges with the Vectura group, an industry-leading inhaled respiratory disease-focused business . The inhaled activity of SkyePharma PLC is absorbed by Vectura and Skyepharma Production is created as an entity to perform Oral Business Unit activities.

Skyepharma is now the oral business unit of the Vectura Group of companies.


* The Saint-Quentin-Fallavier plant was built in 1990 by the American laboratory Lederle, then a subsidiary of the American Cyanamid chemical group (Lederle then became Wyeth-Lederle, a subsidiary of the American Home Products group, which was itself acquired by Pfizer). The site replaced the former Oullins (Rhône) plant.