Multi-layer Tablet


Customisable Oral Drug Delivery Platform Technology

Geomatrix® (multi-layer tablet technology)  is a well-established, validated and customizable oral drug delivery platform technology that is currently used in 8 products that are commercialized in over 80 countries.

Geomatrix® is highly versatile and can be applied to a wide range of different drugs to achieve a variety of different release profiles. It uses well-established ingredients and is easily manufactured using conventional production equipment.

Skyepharma tri-layer tablet using Geomatrix® technology

How Geomatrix® works ?

The modulation of the drug release profile is achieved by using a multi-layered tablet that combines two key features :

  • Use of highly swellable hydrophilic polymers.
  • Dynamic control of the surface of the layer containing the drug that is exposed to surrounding fluids.

The combination of layers, each with different rates of swelling, gelling and erosion, controls the drug release rate within the body. When swallowed, the Geomatrix® system limits the amount of drug released by controlling the surface of the drug-containing layer exposed to fluids.


Benefits of Geomatrix®

Geomatrix® is a highly versatile platform that can be used to create a wide variety of different release profiles. Examples of the application of Geomatrix® include:

  • A wide range of sustained release profiles
  • Controlled release of both poorly and highly soluble drugs
  • Zero order and bi-phasic release of drugs (either rapid then slow or ascending profiles)
  • Release of two or more drugs at different rates
  • Simultaneous or phased release of several drugs at individualised release rates from a single tablet
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