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Early Stage Program

Formulation Development

We have extensive experience in solving complex formulation challenges. Our experts will advise you on the best solution to optimise drug delivery for the benefit to the patients.

Where appropriate, we can apply our extensive range of proprietary technologies for modified release, pulsed release, timed release in order to solve technological challenges, to provide patient benefits and to offer additional proprietary protection to the product.

Analytical Development

Product development is closely supported by a highly experienced analytical team during every phase of the development process. We have expertise with method development and we strive to proactively manage the issues that might arise and resolve them.

Process Development

Our technical team has considerable experience in the optimisation of complex formulations in order to ensure that the critical process parameters are properly understood and controlled, and that the processes are cost-effective and robust at multiple scales.

  • Small scale production
  • Small API needs
  • High quality prototyping
  • Rapid screening of formulation options
  • Early characterisation of powders
  • Anticipation of potential up scaling issues
  • Closer to industrial settings (e.g. tooling)
  • Quality by Design support
  • cGMP production at all development scales