Microfluidizer Technology

Microfluidizer Technology

Skyepharma specializes in bioavailability enhancement for oral solid dosage forms


The liquid solution or suspension passes through micro-channel(s) and is subjected to extremely high shear and impact forces to achieve uniform particle size reduction.
The use of exclusive fixed-geometry interaction chamber and unique way of scaling up through parallelizing multiple micro-channels guarantee the process scalability.

The obtained liquid solution or suspension is then dried to remove the solvents and produce the dried particulate system to be further compressed. MicrofluidizerTM Technology is also of great interest for the manufacture of nano- and micro-emulsions.

Beneficial Physico-Chemical Attributes

  • Micrometerto submicrometer particle size
  • Narrowparticle size distribution

Enhanced Bioavailability of BCS II and IV Compounds

  • Faster onset of action
  • Reduced PK and fed/fastingvariability
  • Improved dose proportionality
  • High drug loading
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