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About Us


Through many years of involvement and achievements in the pharmaceutical industry, Skyepharma’s development and manufacturing facility is eminently specialized in Complex Oral Solid Dosage Forms.
We have the ability to provide customized solutions to our customers by positioning ourselves as a One-Stop-Shop player and a privileged partner offering a wide range of premium services.
Our State-of-the Art CDMO facility close to Lyon (France) provides solutions bringing value to our clients at any stage of a product development lifecycle, from small scale programs up to commercial manufacturing and packaging activities.
Our value proposal includes tailored services to clients’ requirements supporting them up to market introduction.
Skyepharma is part of the Vectura Group of Companies (LSE: VEC), an industry-leading device and formulation company specialized in airways disease.

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Ideas are imagined, developed, valued and deployed on the market place.

Our experts provide a customized approach to build smart solutions in line with our customers’ needs.


From small scale feasibility studies up to full development programs.

We carry out complex projects using revolutionary technical equipments such as the Styl’One Evolution.


Extensive range of tailored services.

We have the ability to support our customers’ processes at any stage of oral products lifecycle, from development stage up to manufacturing and packaging activities.
All those steps are delivered through high quality standards and supported by a strong supply chain model.


Accomplished and Experienced teams in all functions.

Submitting innovative and personalized solutions is our key driver.


Premium quality track record and Quality by Design is our mindset..

We are committed to delivering excellence in quality management in compliance with regulatory authorities.


Why does Skyepharma represent a strategic partner for its clients ?


Today’s pharmaceutical obligations in terms of quality and capabilities are decisive for industry players. Skyepharma answers to these necessities by coming up with a wide range of services in line with market’s requirements. Our premium positioning on the pharmaceutical market place comes from our development and production processes expertise.

State-of-the-Art Facility

  • 22,000 m² manufacturing facility
  • 65,000 m² site
  • Close to Lyon, France

High Tech Equipment

  • Two integrated granulation lines (600 litres and 1.200 litres)
  • Wet Granulation & Fluid Bed Drying (including ethanol and nitrogen)
  • Dry granulation (Roller compactor)
  • 5 compression suites able to manufacture single, 2-layer and 3-layer tablets
  • Vented Side Pan Coater
  • Capsule filling (powder ans tabs in capsule)
  • One micro fluidization line with high pressure homogenizer equipment

cGMP Status

Skyepharma’s site is approved :

  • EMA
  • US (FDA)
  • Korean FDA

Pilot Plant

  • Scale-up
  • Industrial scale reproduction
  • Trouble shooting

Facility Capabilities

  • Pilot scale materials for products
  • Scale up production from Phase III Clinical Trial Materials
  • Batches validation, Samples and Commercial products

Global Supply Chain

Skyepharma proprietary technologies are currently sold in :

  • US
  • EU
  • Brazil
  • Asia